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MartinRibbens your guide for Amsterdam.
My name is Martin Ribbens, I'm born in Amsterdam, stayed in this city all my life
and never want to leave if I could choose.
Once a lady from the U.S. called me a " a real native from Amsterdam"
and I used that as a nickname "humble" as I'm.
For many years I show my wonderful city to toutrists from all over the world
in my Art and historical tours.
MartinRibbens your guide for Amsterdam.
Below you will find the diffrent themes of my tours sorry I still have to translate them in
English use google translate please.
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Rembrandt van Rijn in Amsterdam. A walking tour in Amsterdam.
Rembrandt my great passion, in my walking tours in Amsterdam, in my tours in the Rijksmusem as well in my lectures. Anywhere in Amsterdam you will meet Rembtandt, where his clients lived for which he made those wonderful paintings. His great love Saskia, that smile. She sadly died in the year of his greatest triumph, the Night Watch. The drawings and etchings of the city made ​​after the death of Saskia provide a good picture of Rembrandt in Amsterdam in the 17th, the golden age of Amsterdam.
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The Old City and the Red Light district. A walking tour in Amsterdam.

How old is Amsterdam? Where do the three crosses come from? And many more questions about Amsterdam are answered during this walking tour in Old Amsterdam. Historical Amsterdam, but also the present time.  The Amsterdam and Dutch policy on coffee shops and prostitution. We go over the "Zeedijk" the Sea-dike along the "Schreierstoren" the tower from which Henry Hudson left, the Old Church, Our Lord in the Attic, but also along the Prael brewery, with real Amsterdam beer situated  on the "Oudezijdsvoorburgwal". We also walk over the "Oudezijdsachterburgwal" (both with typical Dutch "G", with its red lanterns and perhaps we go into the "Trompettersteeg" the trumpet-alley, the narrowest prostitution alley in Amsterdam

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The former Jewish Quartert. A walking tour in Amsterdam.

 Jewish Amsterdam as it was before the 2nd world war is no more. Of the more than 85,000 Jews who lived there no more then 5.000 returned to their "Mokum" after Worl War 2. Nevertheless, you can still experience the feeling of the past in this walk through Amsterdam. The "Snoge" (the Portuguese Synagogue) and the "Schulen" (Jewish Historical Museum) are still to visit. The "Hollandse Schouwburg" for me more impressive than the Anne Frank House, the Auswitz monument in the Wertheim Park and the Resistance museum. I will tell you all about the former old Jewish quarter of Amsterdam.

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The Amsterdam Canals and the "Jordaan". A walking tour in Amsterdam.
The 17th century Canals of Amsterdam and the "Jordaan are now more than 400 years old. The so often sung Wester-Tower on the "Prinsengracht" in addition to the Anne Frank House. The merchant houses small, large, larger, the wealth of the Golden Age, but no where higher then 6 floors give the city his pictureske vieuw. The Amsterdam Canals on UNESCO heritage list, and rightly so.
The "Jordaan" with its narrow streets, the cosiness, the pubs, the nice restaurants. Let me tell you the stories of how it was and how it is now.
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