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A tour around Amsterdam. We can make a tour around Amsterdam by car into the country site, 200km with only 500mtr highway. I like to suggest the following. At 10 AM we can enter the Sloten Windmill where I can tell you all about windmills in Holland, the dry making of this part of the country and I will make a tour with you through this mill. From there we drive to the Old Sea Dyke above Amsterdam, the "Spaarndammerdijk". At the same time I will tell you about Maria de Medici, the former queen of France who drove over this dyke in 1638 to visit Amsterdam and the connection with Rembrandt van Rijn and his most famous painting the Night Watch






We visit the village "Spaarndam" with the statue of  "Hans Brinker"  and  on Thursday's we can enter and visit the beautiful church op Spaarndam.

Drive to the Ruins of Brederode `the Castle built in 1355 on the fundaments of an older one The Castle of he Lords 'Van Brederode'  from which Lancelot was beheading by the Spanish



and his brother Hendrik became one of champions in the revolt against the King of Spain in what we call the   "Eighty Years" War the Dutch revolt in which the Netherlands became an independent republic in the year 1648.

After that we drive on to "IJmuiden" the sea harbour of Amsterdam on the cost of the North Sea where we can have lunch at "de Kop van de Haven" or "at Waasdorp"  restaurants specialized in seafood. After lunch we drive over the Sea Locks to the North, along the Tulip Fields near the Dunes where the first Tulips are flowering from the 15th of March.

Near the city of Alkmaar we go on to the Polders in this area of  the Northern part of Holland or West Freesia as it is called now.


We driver over narrow roads to "De Rijp"  once a famous    Haring gibbing  village which means that this village, now in the middle of the land,  lay once near the Sea.

Go on  Further  to "Midden-Beemster" where a pupil of Rembrandt, Carel Fabritius was born, famous for his painting of the little bird called " de Putter, the Goldfinsh". see: Donna Tartt

From there we go on to "Purmerend and Ilpendam" (the captain of the Night Watch) Frans Banninck Cocq, was Lord of Purmerland and Ilpenstein, ones a mighty Castles now only a few stones are left. 






From there we go on to "Marken"  an Island in the "Zuiderzee" (a shallow  inlet of the North Sea} till 1953, which can be reached now over a dyke.

After a visit here we go on along the old "Zuiderzee" (South Sea) dyke along the ‘Randmeren” (Edge Lakes) from which on the left side the paintings I made, behind the dyke back to the border of Amsterdam

I hope my suggestion will give you  the feeling of how this part of Holland once has been, because a lot is still the same, from the Polders made in the 17th Century till the houses which are painted in the same colours like in the past.

On this page you will find on the left site pictures I made from the erea we pass by, special from "Waterland" the erea just behind the South Sea dyke, now "IJsselmeer dijk" as the sea became a lake since closing the dyke in 1932.

Enjoy this tour which take a whole day and from which you can also make a choice to visit parts (the Sloten Windmill, the Tulip Fields, without making the whole tour of course.

MartinRibbens  For this tour I will pick you up by car.


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The price for this tour is different from the normal one which take about 3 hours. Please contact me by e-mail or phone first. This tour takes alle day (6/7hrs) and is not including the lunch. This tour is private, easy to make for 2 persones, for more I have to hire a bigger car. For an example see TouraroudAmsterdamexample.